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Health Redefined with Dr. Ballard™

If you'd like to get a great introduction into areas of health and wellness such as chiropractic care, nutrition, essential oils, detoxification, and more then this is the place for you! Each video in the Health Redefined with Dr. Ballard™ series is about an hour-long (give or take a few min) and packed with helpful information about natural ways to support your body's innate abilities. 


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Summer Reset
21 Day Purification

Today's world is more toxic than it has ever been! In this video, Dr. Ballard provides you with ways to maintain a healthy weight, support your body's natural detox systems, and how to safely remove toxins from your body.

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Understanding ADD/ADHD & SPD

Listen as Dr. Ballard talks you through understanding the overlooked reasons some people struggle with these diagnoses, their symptoms and the steps you can take today to support the health and well-being of you or your child.

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Thyroid Labs Your Doc Isn't Doing

thyroid issues are common, but complete thyroid testing is not!  If you've ever been told things are normal, but you just still feel off, then join Dr. Ballard as she walks through what each test means and how to be sure you've gotten a through exam. 

Lifestyle To Support Immunity

Supplementing To Support Immunity

In the final installment of Dr. Ballard's Building Immune Resiliency series, you'll learn about targeted nutritional intervention for different immune challenges like allergies, colds, and the flu. 

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Understanding Your Immune System

Learn all the important info you need to know about your immune system so you can begin your journey of building immune resiliency!

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Understanding ADD/ADHD

If you or a child are struggling with focus and attention, or have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, and your questions just lead to more questions instead of solutions, take a breath...Doc's here to help! 

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If you're stuggling with changes in moods, sleeping patterns, or have a new sensitivity to hot or cold, it could be your hormones! In this class, Dr. Ballard teaches you about the importance of hormones, the integral role they play in your health, and ways to support hormone balance for optimal health. 

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Most people know the gut is responsible for digestion, but did you know it also plays a huge role in immune system function, mood, and behaviors? In this video, Dr. Ballard will teach you all about this important body system and the many things you can do to support it.


Healing Eczema

If you struggle with skin breakouts, you're not alone.  Join Dr. Ballard as she explains the different factors that contribute to conditions like eczema and psoriasis on this month's Health Redefined class. 

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Understanding Anxiety

Whether a child or an adult, anxiety can be tough to deal with.  Join Dr. Ballard as she discussed how anxiety develops and what can be done naturally to calm the body and reduce or eliminate symptoms of anxiety. 

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Supporting Milestones with Chiropractic

In order to support our kiddos, we need to know what to expect when they develop. It also helps to know how chiropractic adjustments can help you support all those big milestones throughout their lives. This class will teach you all of that and more!

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Lifestyle To Support Immunity

This video will show you ways to support your immune system and clean your environment so your body can do the job it's naturally designed to do!

Shedding Light On Celluma - Dr. Abbie Ballard

Shedding Light On Celluma

Join Dr. Ballard as she explains the ins and outs of light therapy and how Celluma can be integrated into a program meant to maximize your health and wellness!

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Chill Out Allergies!

Get the allergy support you need with help from Dr. Ballard! Learn how seasonal allergies develop, and ways to help your immune system stop going into fight mode when you encounter allergy triggers.


Thermography - A Superior Option For Monitoring Beast Health.

Join Dr. Ballard and special guest Anita Brown from Midwest Medical Thermography for a quick introduction to thermography. This video will provide you with info about what thermography is, how it can benefit your overall health, and what type of testing is available with this non-invasive, pain-free procedure. 

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In this class, Dr. Ballard will dig into how the brain grows, how to figure out what areas are weak, and how to strengthen these areas to reduce symptoms and balance the brain to maximize things like focus, attention, and mood. 

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