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Healing Eczema

If you struggle with skin breakouts, you're not alone.  Join Dr. Ballard as she explains the different factors that contribute to conditions like eczema and psoriasis on this month's Health Redefined class. 

Click the link below for the full class description.

Healing Eczema
Understanding ADD/ADHD

Everyday I hear parents say, "he/she also has eczema" in reference to their children's skin, resigned to the fact that it's a part of their kid's health history.  What most don't realize is that eczema, while common, is not normal and that it can be healed from the inside out, without relying on steroid creams.  The same is true for many skin conditions.  Regardless of how old you or your child are, there is still time to reverse eczema!  


If you'd like to learn about the triggers/factors that create eczema and how to start to heal, click below to register.  Please share this link with anyone you know suffering! 

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