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The Neurostorm: Understanding Focus, Attention, Behavior and Anxiety 

If you or your kiddo are struggling with ADD/ADHD or SPD and you're looking for help that doesn't involve medications, this is a video you do not want to miss!

Click the link below for the full class description.

Understanding ADD/ADHD


There are people who struggle to get through each and every day. From getting ready for school or work, to actually trying to sit still in class, homework, chores, then trying to fall asleep at night…it’s all a challenge. ADD/ADHD and sensory processing disorders are real, and the number of kids (and adults) affected is growing exponentially each year. More often than not, parents who spend their lives searching for answers only find more questions. But there is good news! Your search can end here. Learn what contributes to ADD/ADHD & SPD, understand how the brain loses its focus, and how to start balancing the brain and body without medication!


This presentation is an extremely valuable tool for parents, caregivers, teachers, and therapists of all kinds. Get ready for the knowledge, hope, and clear path to understanding ADD/ADHD & SPD you’ve been looking for to help your kiddos thrive! ​

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