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Pediatric Chiropractic Care Ballard Family Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care goes well beyond simple pain relief. We focus on a complete solution, rather than a quick fix. Keep reading to learn more about how a Chiropractor can help support you (and your entire family)  on the journey to the best health possible!

Pediatric Chiropractic 
Our favorite!
Ballard Family Chiropractic, Dr. Abbie Ballard, D.C.

Babies and children are growing and developing more than ever between birth and seven years old! Kids & teens have more physical, emotional and chemical stressors in their lives now than any generation before them. Having support for their nervous systems through chiropractic care helps to improve communication between the body and the brain, to better coordinate other systems in the body, including those which control and promote rest, relaxation, digestion, immune function, development, healing and growth!


It is especially important that when getting your little ones adjusted you seek out someone that has specific pediatric training and experience adjusting children as well as a child friendly bedside manner! That being said, our office is fully accustomed to adjusting little ones. Not only do we have a Pediatric Chiropractic Certification (200 hour course through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association), we are honored to have a patient base that is more than 50% pediatric and have been serving the Effingham community since 2012!


Check out the list below to see how Chiropractic care can benefit children and watch some success stories here!

Some conditions that respond well to pediatric chiropractic care:

Infants & Toddlers 

Sensory Issues
Growing Pains
Sleep Disturbances
Behavior Issues

Tweens & Teens


Nursing Issues
Reflux & Excessive Spitting Up
Stiffness & Tightness
Tummy Time & Car Seat Fussiness
Gas Pains & Constipation
Colic & Excessive Crying
Toritcollis & Cranial Shape

Congestion, Colds & Cough
Ear Infections
Sleep Issues
Speech Development
Coordination Development

Sleep Disturbances
Hormone Imbalances
Sports Performance/Injuries
Academic Performance

Pregnancy & Prenatal Care
Ballard Family Chiropractic Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

When it comes to pregnancy care, it's all about 3 things:

Power, Passage, and Passenger.

Power refers to the power or strength of communication between the brain and the body. Because we have different types of nerves that control different functions, it is important to be sure they are all well connected! The process of birth is intricately timed and we want to help assure your nervous system is sending messages loud and clear so your body is able to respond, and the progression of labor and delivery is steady.

Passage refers to the balance of the pelvis and the support structures of the uterus (including the round ligaments and uterosacral ligaments). When the pelvis is well balanced, a baby has the space it needs. When it is imbalanced, not only is there typically pain, but the functional space is reduced. Think of it kind of like the floor space you would have in a bedroom on the first floor of your house, versus the space you'd have in a bedroom in the attic. The square footage might be the same, but it doesn't necessarily feel (function) like it!  Our goal is to balance the pelvis so that your body and birth canal are able to easily deliver. We utilize the Webster technique to assure the pelvis is balanced!

Passenger refers to the position of the baby. As you read above, sometimes a baby may not be in the most ideal position. When balance is restored to the pelvis, it's not uncommon for babies to shift position. Some even move from breech to head down after the Webster technique balances mom's pelvis!  


Check out the list below to see some of the benefits of Chiropractic care for pregnancy and watch some success stories here!

Pregnancy & Prenatal
Supported pregnancy:

Comfort & Relief

Spinal Aches & Pains


Round Ligament Pain

Hip pain

Balanced bodies

Balanced pelvis

Ideally positioned babies

Reduced ligament strain

Labor & Delivery

Reduced labor times

Easier delivery 

Reduced need for intervention

Empowered and supported birth choices

Adult Care
Adult Chiropractic Care
Ballard Family Chiropractic Holistic Chiropractic Care

Ballard Family Chiropractic also cares for adults by addressing the underlying conditions that prevent optimal health and function. Through an individualized care plan, Dr. Ballard can help correct and prevent the dysfunction so many of us face today due to chronic pain and stress.

See below how we approach Chiropractic care for adults and some of the common ailments that can be helped with Chiropractic care!

Common reasons adults seek care:

Restorative Care

Chronic Pain Conditions

Mood Issues

Headaches & Migraines

Focus & Attention issues

Poor Sleep

Lack of Vitality

Supported Wellness

Improved Activity Levels

Restorative Sleep

Improved Vitality

Steady Improvement in Overall Health

Reduced Need for Mediciations

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