Ballard Family Chiropractic Providers

Providers We Trust

We mean it when we say your health as an individual is important to us. Because we know that to achieve holistic health, you need a team of skilled, caring providers on your side, we've put together a list of our most trusted professionals in a variety of fields. 

Family Care Medical Doctors + OBGYN
Dr. Michelle Braddy - Family Medical Doctor/OBGYN

Effingham Clinic:

512 N. Maple St.

Dieterich Clinic:

203 S. Main St.



Dr. Braddy is our go-to family medical provider. She takes the time to listen, cares for her patients as individuals, and frequently collaborates with Dr. Ballard because of her functional medicine approach to provide a comprehensive look at her patient's concerns and goals.  As an OBGYN, she cares for women's health and delivers babies. As family physician, she can serve as your pediatrician and take care of the whole family! 

Birth Support Professionals
Labor of Love Midwifery - Debra Lowrance, Midwife & Lactation Consultant


309 N. Jefferson St.

Robinson, IL 




With decades of experience both in and outside of a hospital setting, Deb focuses on evidence based birth experiences lead by a mother's wishes and intuition. She and her team truly provide the best of both worlds when it comes to safety and experience. We cannot recommend her and her team enough! 

Nichole Davis - Lactation Consultant (BSN, ICBLC)



Nicki is our most experienced breastfeeding professional referral. Her confidence, knowledge, and insight are why we turn to her when moms are struggling with nursing or are in another circumstance requiring direct, skilled support. Nicki puts the mother-child bond front and center of her work with moms and babies, always ensuring that mom is aware of the importance of touch, hold, and latch. We cannot recommend her highly enough!

Jacquelyn Ordner - Lactation Consultant (BSN, ICBLC)



We value Jacque for her patient, supportive approach with nursing moms. She is an advocate for all types of breastfeeding be it exclusively pumping or combo breastfeeding and formula feeding. If you need pumping and supply support, Jacque is your gal! From choosing the correct breast pump flange size to explaining how to keep your supply balanced, she knows her stuff. She also provides breastfeeding support and resources.

Natural Health Providers
Klepzig Natural Healing Clinic - Dr. Klepzig

Charleston Clinic:

35 Circle Drive


Champaign Clinic:

2902 Crossing Court

Suite D



Dr. Brian Klepzig is one of our favorites!  With training in eastern medicine, acupuncture, and functional medicine, Dr. Klepzig provides a unqiue perspective on the way that the body operates and works towards balance.  When Dr. Ballard feels that there is something more going on, she often looks to Dr. Klepzig to do his non-invasive, pain-free testing to provide additional insight, that won't cost an arm and a leg. Aside from his decades of experience, he may likely be the nicest provider you ever meet!  

Mental Health Providers
The Wellness Loft


408 S. Fourth St.

Effingham, IL




New Light Counseling


1300 S. Raney St. Suite 2

Effingham, IL




Therapy + Fitness Services
Hannah Shull - ACE Personal Trainer

Hannah has been an ACE personal trainer since 2016. She works with her clients on reaching their health and fitness goals through her fitness app. Over the years, her training style has developed into a functional approach, focusing on the body as a whole so her clients can be better equipped to perform their day to day activities. Activities like walking up a flight of stairs, picking up a toddler, sitting at a desk, or meeting the demands of your job can become difficult and painful if the right body mechanics aren’t being practiced and if muscle imbalances aren’t being addressed. Helping her clients feel better is her number one goal!

She offers two pre-made programs on her fitness app, FIT for LIFE, which is a functional program with strength and conditioning and BUILT for LIFE, which focuses more on muscle gain. She also offers personal training packages for a more individualized option with meal plans.