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Ballard Family Chiropractic Success Stories

Dr. Ballard and her team are honored to have so many people take the time to share their great experiences, results, and kind words. We hope you will become our next success story! See what people are saying about the amazing care at BFC!


- W.K.

My son started seeing Dr. Ballard about a year ago. He struggled with paying attention at school and had a hard time controlling his emotions. Since seeing Dr. Ballard, we have noticed more focus at school and compliance with homework. His demeanor is also calmer and more relaxed. We would highly recommend Dr. Ballard to anyone!

- Trista B.

If you want the best of the best, I highly recommend Dr. Abbie!! She's kind, gentle, knowledgeable, and you can tell she has incredible passion with each adjustment she gives. So blessed to know you! Thanks for all you do to serve, Doc!

- Jake P.

Dr. Abbie is the best and you need to get your little ones in to see her ASAP! You will feel right at home there!

- Peggy T.

I am so impressed with Dr. Ballard! She is amazing, fun, and professional. I would recommend her to anyone!

- Brittney K.

Dr. Abby is a great doc that I'd highly recommend!

- Kirstie B.

Have been seeing Dr Ballard for the past 2 months. Went from frequent headaches and inability to move side to side... After one month I felt better than I did before having kiddos. I am so thankful and blessed to have Dr Ballard in my life:). It's truly been the biggest relief and made me a much better/less stressed momma! I've also only had 1 headache in 1 month compared to weeks worth. She's also super helpful with any questions you have:).

- Allison L.

I started taking my Son to see Abbie when he was two months old to help with his torticollis (head tilt) and plagiocephaly (misshapen head). We had been seeing another chiropractor who's main objective was pain management. After talking to other moms I learned about the benefits of craniosacral therapy to help fix my sons head and neck issues. I read reviews on her Facebook page and decided to give her a call. I am sooo happy I did. When I first called I spoke directly with Abbie and she was so positive and helpful with my questions over the phone. I was immediatley impressed and excited to start. Our first session was amazing! Abbie had good information and confidence in her art, it put my mommy worries to ease. After 3 sessions my fussy baby was happy again, he started pooping better, less strain and regular as a baby should. So far after about 9 sessions my baby boy is holding his head straight and I'm noticing his eyes are evening out and ears are leveling! Wow! We may even avoid the helmet. I also found out that Abbie is Webster certified, had I known this I would have seen her while pregnant. Dr. Abbie Ballard is one of the most caring, down to earth chiropractors that I have met. She takes great care while working with my son and has shared a wealth of knowledge to help keep my family healthy. If you haven't taken your little one to see her, you have no idea what you are missing out on! Thank you Abbie!

- Jennifer M.

Doc is amazing. She has been seeing my family since our baby was 8 weeks old. She was not able to latch well and with Doc's help and treatment she is doing great. Doc is very caring and really takes time to figure out the best treatment plan.

- Mike S.

By far and I mean far from the other chiropractors in the state. Abbie is the best around...she worked on me for over a year all along helping to heal my stomach and pain problems with supplements and adjustments, but only when I needed them. Moms take your kids here, stop going to docs who just want to prescribe antibiotics and prednisone!!!! Thanks to Abbie and the help of my wife she has even helped me through a recurrence of an eye disease as of recently. She cured me faster than any time it was an issue in the past. And since I started my own business I haven't had any back or shoulder or knee problems...a real proof of stress and what it will do to you...all because of this super sweet doctor at the Rickelman Center north of town in Effingham. Thank you Abbie so much for being you, dont know where I would be in life without you and I mean that!

- Jen

Dr. Abbie is an amazing doctor to bring your entire family to! She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about how to keep your family healthy and functioning properly! Highly recommended

- Maggie D.

Fantastic Dr.! Great with kids. Has adjusted all 3 of my girls since the day they were born. We love Dr. Ballard!

- Stephanie B.

Dr B is hands down the most caring doctor you will find. She takes time to listen and will tell you exactly what you need to reach your goals!

- Jeannie S.

We started on regular visits when my little man was about 2 months old for acid reflex. now he is 18 months and her magic touch keeps him happy and sleeping all night! I definitely send everyone her way!

- Janet S.

About a year ago I heard an interview with Dr. Ballard on a local radio station. She was talking about how she could help if you suffered from low energy levels or with feeling tired all the time or if you just didn't feel well. During my first consultation I was very impressed with Dr. Abbie's knowledge about the body and what a hair analysis and saliva testing could tell you about your body's acceptance and use of everything you put in it. She was able to pinpoint exactly the things that I was feeling prior to beginning my plan. She worked with me to understand what my body needed to heal from the inside and to become healthier. I have had three hair analyses done in the past year. Each time, my levels have improved. I have been able to go completely off of all my prescription medications; I no longer rely on caffeine to keep me going; and I'm able to use natural supplements to keep my levels where they should be. This past tax season (I work for a CPA firm) was much easier on me. I had more energy; I handled the long stressful days better; and I woke up refreshed in the morning instead of feeling worn out. I am still a work in progress as we continue to make adjustments to my hormone levels, etc. but I feel so much better. Thank you Dr. Abbie!

- Samantha C.

Dr. Abbie Ballard is AMAZING! My baby has torticollis and her head was flattening on one side as a result. Abbie adjusted her and worked on getting her head back to normal and it did the trick! The physical therapists can always tell when she hasn't seen Abbie for awhile. Abbie not only is an amazing doctor, but she is a wonderful person. She is very down to earth and sooo kind and sweet. She loves my baby and treats her like one of her own. I highly recommend everyone take their kids to see

- Pam F.

I started bringing my child to Dr. Ballard when he was 8 weeks old. He was not having regular bowel movements (going 11 days without one), and he was very fussy about it. I hated to see him so uncomfortable and a friend of mine suggested that we bring him to see Dr. Ballard, as she had really helped her son with the same issue. Since Dr. Ballard has started working on him, he is having daily bowel movements and is such a happy baby. Dr. Ballard always explains what she is doing and treats my son with care and love. I am very happy to have met her and would recommend her to my friends and family!

- Debbie P.

I have been bothered by pain on the top of my foot for several years. I was going to another doctor, who helped for a long time, but recently it just seemed like it wasn’t helping much, and the pain was getting worse and more constant. Dr. Ballard came to a health fair at my work. She said she was good with feet, and after talking with her I decided to give her a try. She used the Graston tool on my leg and foot. I felt great relief after just the second visit and now after two months am almost pain free. I feel Dr. Ballard is very knowledgeable and I recommend her to family and friends. I look forward to the warm weather and bring being about to get out and walk again- pain free!

- Linda C.

I met Dr. Ballard the early part of 2010 when she spoke at a cancer support group meeting. After listening to her I came to believe that she could help me take control of health issues. She was able to make suggestions regarding prescription drugs that could be reduced and encouraged me to take supplements that would eventually help cut back on even more prescription drugs. My medical doctor was willing to accept her suggestions and work with us. There has been much success in following her advice. My health has improved greatly.
In February 2012 I started chiropractic treatment with Dr. Ballard for Restless Leg Syndrome. My symptoms had worsened to the extent that my feet jerked when I tried to sleep. There was also tingling and numbness in my feet and a sensation that something was stuck on the bottom of my feet. After starting chiropractic treatment the symptoms gradually diminished and by the 7th treatment I was experiencing no symptoms.
I found Dr. Ballard to be very knowledgeable about the human body and how it works and able to communicate in a way that I could understand. My experience with Dr. Ballard has been life changing.

- Carmen F.

Hello everyone! I have an 8 year old who has always wet the bed. I have tried everything including medicine which I didn't like the side effects and it wasn't helping anyways. I was at my wits end, he was upset and I couldn't help him and let's be honest the extra two loads of laundry a day to wash the sheets and comforter not that much fun either. I called Dr. Ballard and she said she could help. We went the 30th and had the 3 tests done (which by the way is painless and Aus really enjoyed it). She came up with a treatment plan for us. We have been to Dr. Ballard four times and I am excited to see the changes already. I noticed right away that the bedwetting wasn't as bad, still there but no where near as much. Then it happened he started waking up in the night and using the bathroom. I am excited to say that last night we were completely dry!!!! I would never have known about this, so if you are tired of people telling you that your child will outgrow the bedwetting, give Dr. Ballard a call, she can really help your child!

- Michelle G.

As a mother of one of Dr. Ballard's patients, I can't praise her enough. My five (almost six) year old, has struggled not only with heavy bed-wetting every night but daytime incontinence as well. We have been to urologists with no results. I have tried waking her every two hours throughout the night, again, with no results. However, Kylie has been seeing Dr. Ballard for only a week, and has now been adjusted four times. I am proud to say that she has had dry nights (except for one night with a tiny, quarter-sized spot) for the last five nights in a row with NO daytime incontinence! Used to be a skeptic, but I am living this, and let me tell you, it works. My daughter is super proud of herself, and we are going to go pull-up free starting tonight!!!

- Jenny E.

So Aaron and I were talking and we came to the realization that Hayden's colic-y period only lasted til after you adjusted her. About a week after that she didn't have any more colic at all. So thank you for that!

- Gabe G.

I had low back pain for a couple of years on and off. I don't know what caused the pain,and I've never had a knife in my back, but I would imagine the pain I had was pretty close. I tried to grin and bear it but I was walking like an 80 year old man. I tried hot pads and stretching. When my back goes out, everything suffers. It would take five minutes just to get out of bed in the morning. If you can't stand up and walk, there isn't much you can get done. I have known Dr. Ballard for awhile now, but didn't care for chiropractors. That has changed now. I got excellent results and I am back to being productive again. Dr. Ballard is very good at what she does. I could barely walk when I got there and by the next day I was in very little pain. After a couple of days, I was back to normal.

- Leo B.

I have had chronic low back pain for about 15 years. I don't know what caused it, but I have gone to the emergency room in the past because it hurt so bad that I could not walk. A flight surgeon had prescribed muscle relaxers and pain killers and told me that was all I could do. I took the pain killers every morning for about 3 years to cope. I didn't allow the pain to limit what I did much, except for about 3 times when it got really bad. I moved from southern Wisconsin to Nokomis and was looking for a new chiropractor. Dr. Ballard was the third one I tried. She was the only one that listened to what I needed.

- Lori S.

I started running to prepare for a 5k and developed plantar fasciitis. I had it for almost a year before seeing Dr. Ballard. At its worst, I could hardly walk. I am on my feet most of the day and it wasn’t fun! I had gone to a foot doctor who fitted me for orthotics and gave me exercises to do. Those combined helped a little. I ran into Dr. Ballard socially and she told me what she could do for me; I didn’t realize that chiropractic could help my condition. I have had excellent results and my pain is gone!

- Angie J.

For about 3 or 4 years I have been allergic to most grasses and pollen. I would have swollen red, itchy, and watery eyes, a stuffy nose and swollen lips. This would start in the spring and go thru the fall. At first I tried not to be outside a lot. I also tried Sudafed, over-the-counter allergy medicine and Benadryl. I took the max allowed in a 24 hour period, of all three, so I could make it through the day. I took a lot of meds and was in a fog because I didn’t want to give up doing the things that I liked to do. I guess I just learned to deal with how the medicine affected me. In summer of 2011 I decided to go see Dr. Ballard for acupuncture. The results were great. After the first treatment I noticed immediately that I wasn’t stuff and after about the 3rd or 4th treatment I wasn’t taking any medicine unless I was going to be outside all day, then I would only have to take the allergy pill. When I first started acupuncture I was going 3 times a week and I slowly cut back. During the winter I didn’t need to go at all. Now I go once every 2-3 weeks and I rarely take any allergy medicine. I am so happy with Dr. Ballard, I tell everyone!

- Barb T.

I had plantar fasciitis that hurt to the point that I was unable to walk for exercise and had to wear only tennis shoes. Before seeing Dr. Ballard I tried a foot doctor, home exercises and steroid shots. Dr. Ballard never gave up on me. She kept after my heel, until it was healed. She would adjust me and use her tool (graston tool) to work on my foot. The condition has not returned since she worked on me. No more painful shots!! 

- Kevin S.

The Altamont Community High School Advanced Health class welcomed Dr. Abbie Ballard on Thursday, December 12, 2013 to be our guest speaker. She spoke with the students on how Chiropractic improves your total health, her personal journey in health care, and educating yourself for a better lifestyle. In her speaking engagement she highly involved the students with hands on learning and demonstrations. The students learned specifically about the nervous system and left with terrific handouts and brochures. As a health educator with more than 10 years in the education field, I highly recommend Dr. Abbie Ballard to speak with a health class at any level and to staff members about the human frame, diet, and prevention of disease. Respectfully, Kevin Schultz

- Darcy N.

When we first started going to Dr. Ballard, I could count on one hand the number of times my 2 year old, Marie, has slept through the night. My 1 year old, Vincent, was also a fitful sleeper, but his main issues were constipation and eczema. Marie would wake up every 1-2 hours screaming and crying. I tried everything before reaching out on facebook for other ideas. Several people told me to try a chiropractor and also told me to go to Dr. Ballard. I do use essential oils which got us to 3, MAYBE 4, hours of sleep before Marie would wake up. My 1 year old is generally a good sleeper, but he stopped sleeping through the night partially because of teething and partially because Marie would wake him up. He also has eczema and had a harder time pooping. After one visit with Dr. Ballard, I noticed a difference in how they were pooping and they were resting better (still not through the night, but better). After 3 appointments, we have gotten better naps in and less nighttime waking. We have even had a few nights when either Marie or Vincent have slept ALL the way through the night! I'm confident that soon we will all get a full night sleep, something I as a mother haven't gotten in over 3 years. Marie no longer wakes up screaming. When she does wake up, it's generally crying or fussing. Vincent's eczema is also getting better. I am now a firm believer in chiropractic care for babies. Marie LOVES Dr. Ballard. On our first visit she gave her a great big hug and kiss (both of which are unusual for her because she is normally very shy). Thank you

- Danaielle

I have been taking my daughter in to Ballard Family Chiropractic for the last few months. She has been having issues staying focused in class and her teacher was concerned that it might start affecting her grades. I was told this wouldn't be an over night fix and that it would take time, but I was so excited when we received her report card a few weeks ago. Her teacher said she could see an improvement in her behavior and she is now able to stay focused for longer periods of time. It's always a good feeling as a parent to get those moments of reassurance that you are doing this parenting thing right and taking my daughter to Ballard Family Chiropractic was one of those moments.

- Elizabeth S.

Prior to starting chiro care, our daughter would have emotional outburst that were nearly uncontrollable. Her situational change anxiety was very difficult to manage too. Brianne had a very ridged muscle tone. Since chiro care her emotions are under control. Even when she gets upset, we as parents are able to get her to a point where she understands. Her situational anxiety is also under control. Brianne no longer suffers from muscle rigidity or intense headaches. Chiro care gave us back our daughter.

- Brandi S.

Our daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy in Feb 2017. We tried medications with little success and were searching for a more natural way to treat her epilepsy. In August of 2017, we began seeing Dr. Ballard. The changes in Cambrie’s mood and behavior were astounding. We immediately noticed a decrease in her irritability, as well as her seizures. We had 6 weeks seizure free right after we started seeing Dr. Ballard, the longest amount of time we have [been] seizure free since her diagnosis. We have had a few setbacks, mainly from medications and infections, but the adjustments and chiropractic care have been able to get her back to normal quickly. The changes we observe in her seizures and attitude after each adjustment convince us of the positive effect the chiropractic care is providing to Cambrie.

- Karly P.

Having a child with mild autism (Asperger's) and ADHD is to have a child with an invisible disability. While he seemed ok to everyone on the outside, his social anxiety, inability to understand others around him and his understanding that he shouldn't be acting a certain way but was unable to control his impulses was crippling him inside. It made it impossible for me to even take him to the store after school because that was all he could handle in one day. His first question when walking in the door after school was "Are we going anywhere?" and if the answer was "yes", it was followed by major meltdowns. I could no longer get groceries while he was with me, which is 95% of the time. I had to figure out how I was going to go here or there while he was away so that we didn't have meltdowns or risk him being sick afterward. His anxiety and stress was all harbored in his stomach and usually if he was in busy public places a few times consecutively, I could count on him being physically ill the following day. I attended Dr. Ballard's "Perfect Storm" seminar and my interest was piqued. While not everything was related to my child, enough of it was to make me consider getting him screened to see if there was anything she could try to do to help him. Turns out, she could help him and we started our treatment. I went into the treatment knowing that it may take quite some time before I see any changes in my child. After a few weeks of adjustments, I noticed that when I needed to run to the store, my son was willingly going with me. He wasn't mad or sad or even upset about me mentioning the store, it was just a fact that we were going and he went. He would calmly walk around with me, no more fight or flight in public. Then I noticed that we had been so busy running around, going to school, to the store, to Dr. Ballard's, attending meetings, going out into public multiple days in a row and he wasn't getting sick! The only change in our daily life to cause this change are Dr. Ballard's adjustments. Immediately after adjustments, my typically off-the walls hyper, high strung, anxiety ridden child is calm, focused and relaxed. He has even shown signs of improved coordination following his adjustments. This is a small change and honestly, was not a change I was even expecting, but I am overjoyed that it has happened. I cannot thank Dr. Ballard enough! Many, many, many thanks,


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