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Supplements and Prducts, Ballard Family Chiropractic
Supplements & Products

When it comes to supplements and personal care products, all are certainly not created equal! Dr. Ballard is very picky about the quality and sourcing of the products she recommends. Let us do the leg work and due diligence for you! Purchase professional grade products at our office or through our online stores at the links below.

Whole Food Supplements Ballard Family Chiro

At times, the body simply needs additional support to reach and maintain optimal function and health. Taking natural nutritional supplements can provide this support. We also carry additional products to help provide relief from common ailments like sore throats and ear aches, and even natural soaps and bug sprays!

The majority of our products come from a company called Standard Process and their sister company, MediHerb. Because Standard Process only sells supplements, we sometimes look outside the company for clean body products and other specialized professional grade products.

Our office keeps several supplements on hand. In addition, we place special orders every Monday, and receive them by Wednesday. You are also welcome to purchase products through our Standard Process or Wellevate (basically everything else) online stores. Both allow you to place an order any time and have it shipped directly to your home. 

If you're interested in adding supplements to your health regime but aren't sure where to start, visit our Functional Medicine page to learn  how BFC can help.​

Standard Process
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