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Ballard Family Chiropractic, Effingham IL
Become A Patient

Integrity. Compassion. Dedication. Fun.

These words are our promise to you and what you can expect when you become a patient at Ballard Family Chiropractic. Read on to learn more about getting started or click the links below for specific details about our process! We can't wait to meet you and get started with you on your journey to better health and wellness!

Your First Visit at BFC

What to Expect:

When you first arrive, expect a warm welcome from Tammie who will greet you and guide you through the process of your first day! We will collect the new patient forms that were emailed to you or you printed from the links on our website. 

Dr. Ballard will sit down with you to review your health history and do a consultation regarding what brings you or your child into the office. Please bring any outside tests (including X-ray, CT, MRI images, blood work and reports) to this visit. During your time together, Dr. Ballard will dig deep into your history. Expect questions you may have never been asked and possibly questions that seem unrelated to your main complaint.  These questions are all part of the bigger picture as we look at you as a WHOLE person, not just as the complaint you write on our forms. During your time together, Dr. Ballard will explain the next and most important step of the process, the evaluation of your nervous system using the Insight Scan. 

Using a non-invasive, pain-free Insight scan, your nervous system function will be tested. About 10% of your nervous system is devoted to sensation. That means we have to rely on technology to determine how 90% of your nervous system is actually functioning. This gives us a measurable baseline and objective data to be sure we are not just correcting symptoms, but actively moving you toward better function and improved health with our care plans! 

Click here to learn more about the Insight Subluxation Station! 

Following your Insight Scan, a hands-on physical and orthopedic examination will be performed to evaluate the spine from a biomechanical perspective.


At the end of this visit, Dr. Ballard will have a very complete picture of your spinal health and nervous system integrity.  She will use all the information gathered at this visit to put together a custom care plan based on what your body needs to move you as close as possible to perfect communication and improved health!   

Your First Visit
Your Second Visit at BFC

What to Expect:

The Report of Findings and First Adjustment

Between your first and second visit, Dr. Ballard will take the time to study your exams and write up a plan of action. When you sit down together, she will review all of the findings from your initial visit and explain how she can help you to reach your goals.  

At this point, Dr. Ballard will provide you with your first adjustment!

Day 2
Your Care Plan

What to Expect:

Regular Visits and Progress Exams

We respect your time so expect us to be on schedule and efficient. Should you need extra time to discuss something with Dr. Ballard, please let us know so we can schedule time for you appropriately.  

Your regular progress exams will take approximately 15 minutes. The time will be built into your custom care plan, and scheduled accordingly so you get the time with Dr. Ballard that you both need.

Your Care Plan
Our Technology
Our Technology

The Insight Subluxation Station

Dr. Ballard uses the Insight Subluxation Station to help identify subluxations of the spine. The Insight measures changes (in muscle function, temperature, and heart rate) then provides images of these changes. The Insight will also generate a NeuroEfficiency Index, which gives Dr. Ballard a measure of how well the nervous system is communicating. By using the Insight we have an increased accuracy in diagnosis and correction of subluxations!

How The Insight Subluxation Station Works

The HRV (Heart Rate Variability) measures changes in your heart rate over time.  It's a well researched way for us to evaluate how your body is handling stress. Our bodies respond to stress in two basic ways, by hitting the gas (protection) or the brake (growth and repair mode). In today's world, most of us spend too much time on the gas, which in time, depletes the "tank" or your body's reserves. This is one of the reasons why when you're stressed, it's common to become symptomatic. This test not only shows us which way your stress response trends, but also shows us how much gas you've got left in the tank!  

The surface EMG exam evaluates the function of the muscles that support your spine. These muscles are controlled by nerves. This test shows the pattern of how energy is distributed through these muscles. The exam helps identify areas and patterns of abnormal tension and stress. By precisely measuring muscle activity, your progress can be followed as your care progresses.

The Thermal Scanner is used to assess the part of your nervous system that helps to control your organs, glands, and blood vessels, the autonomic system. The instrument does this by precisely measuring differences in temperature along the spine. Since proper function of your organs, glands and blood vessels is essential to healing and living well, this test gives your doctor a ‘snapshot’ of how well this portion of your nervous system is working and how it is responding to care. A patented, breakthrough aspect of the Insight's thermal scanner design is that the sensor array can be adjusted to accommodate the 3 different sized spines (adult, adolescent, infant).


For more information about the research behind the Insight, click here! 

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