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Tammie Curtner
Front Desk Manager


Tammie spent the beginning of her career dedicated to caring for children. While raising her 6 babies, she also took care of dozens of kids as an in-home daycare provider. She has always prided herself on supplying ample educational opportunities in a safe and loving environment. Tammie also has 10 years experience in the medical field. From insurance and customer service, office support and scheduling, Tammie made certain that patients understood that she cared about meeting their needs and made it a point to make personal connections with each person she encountered. After moving back to the area in 2016, she has been caring for her grandchildren. Tammie is excited to be a part of the exceptional team at Ballard Family Chiropractic and looks forward to continuing to touch the lives of children of all ages. When you enter the office, she will be the first to offer a smile, answer your questions, give an extra hand, or hold a kiddo!  

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