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Dr. Abbie Ballard D.C., Ballard Family Chiropractic, Effingham, IL

Growing a healthier community one family at a time.

Integrity. Compassion. Dedication. Fun.

We are here to help you...
Rewire the connections.
Ballard Family Chiropractic, Pediatric Chiropractic Care

At BFC, we recognize that every person is unique. For that reason, every care plan is written with the individual (and their unique Insight scans and history) in mind. We also offer several chiropractic adjusting styles from table-assisted, to manual and instrument adjusting. Dr. Ballard practices 13 different techniques to meet your particular needs/preferences. As a Certified Pediatric Chiropractor, Dr. Ballard focuses on the safest low/no-force adjusting methods for children.

Heal the whole body.
Ballard Family Chriopractic Functional Nutrition

Functional Medicine focuses on restoring normal function in the body by looking at symptoms as clues to find the true root cause of the issues your body is expressing. By finding and correcting the underlying dysfunction, rather than masking the symptoms with medications and temporary fixes, not only is your body supported in healing, but new levels of health are achieved naturally! 

Ballard Family Chiropractic Testimonials

Ashley L

“My family of 5 have been seeing Dr. Ballard since my oldest was a newborn. She was very colicky as a baby and Dr. Ballard did wonders for her! We have since continued with all our children maintaining their adjustments and increasing as things appear. She has been a huge part in our overall health and we have nothing but top notch words to say! ” 

Meet The BFC Team

We have a vision of being a mecca for health and wellness in the Effingham area and surrounding communities. 

We believe that everyone deserves a life fully connected.  We believe that the truth empowers and support overcomes. We believe that to make a difference, we have to be different. We believe in the power of a like-minded community. We believe that healthcare should focus on actual health! 


If you find yourself nodding along, then welcome, you've found your tribe! We can't wait to meet you, but in the meantime, look around, get to know us, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!  

Dr. Abbie Ballard, Ballard Family Chiropractic, Effingham IL

Dr. Ballard's biggest passion is taking care of children.  She is the area's only Certified Pediatric Chiropractor and has been building a successful practice full of kids for the last 8 years. She works together with local medical doctors, OBGYNs and lactation consultants to help bring children closer to their full potential at each visit. Learn more about Dr. Ballard by clicking the link below.  

Meet Tammie, Ballard Family Chiro, Effingham, IL

Tammie is the very embodiment of nurturing.  Having her own in home daycare for 14 years, teaching Sunday school, leading  both Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts, sponsoring youth groups, and acting as a safe haven home as part of the foster system have all allowed her to live her purpose of serving children. Click below to learn more about Tammie! 

Meet Kim, Ballard Family Chiro, Effingham, IL

In the fall of 2020, Kim decided to step away from the stress, hectic schedule, and politics of hospital life and partially retire to spend more time with her family (her whole world!), in nature, and at her church where she serves in the children’s ministry.  Her love for children and her changing beliefs about healthcare led her to Ballard Family Chiropractic to continue to focus on health and her community, while allowing her to live her priorities each day. Click the link to learn more about Kim!

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