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Digestion Mini Assessment, Ballard Family Chiropractic
Wondering if your gut is balanced?
Find out with our FREE digestion mini-assessment!
Digestion Mini Assessment 
If you've ever wondered how your gut is functioning and ways to help support its optimal function, then this FREE Digestion Mini-Assessment is just what you need! You'll get an awesome jumpstart to getting your gut health up to par, and if you decide to dig deeper into your health, you can receive $25 off your New Patient Functional Nutrition Consultation!

What you'll find out:

If your digestive system is working to its full potential
Where your main digestive issues are coming from 
An explanation of the results from the digestive assessment outlining where you seem to be having challenges

How it works:

It's simple! Just download and complete the 2-page mini-assessment, and email it to our office. Your results will be emailed back to your inbox within 2 to 3 business days!  

Plus an extra bonus!

$25 off your New Patient Functional Nutrition Consulation

Simply enter your email and click submit. A download link will instantly be provided.

Click here to download

Ballard Family Chiropractic, Effingham, IL
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