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Building Immune

Enjoy a three-part series all about your immune system and how to help it stay strong and healthy!


  • Part One - Understanding Your Immune System

  • Part Two - Lifestyle To Support Immunity

  • Part Three - Supplementing To Support Immunity

Building Immune Resiliency


Learn what it takes to build and maintain a strong and healthy immune system in Dr. Ballard's three-part series, Building Immune Resiliency. Each video will provide you with valuable information and action steps you can take to support optimal health! 

  • Part 1 - Understanding Your Immune System - Coming October 13th:

    • Dr. Ballard will help you understand the divisions of the immune system and how they work to keep you healthy. 

  • Part 2 - Lifestyle To Support Immunity - Coming October 20th:

    • In part two, Doc will provide you with lifestyle and diet habits that support your immune system, clean up your environment, and remove some of the burdens from your immune system.

  • Part 3- Supplementing To Support Immunity - Coming October 27th:

    • The third video will provide you with ways to use nutrition for targeted intervention and support for common immune challenges like allergies, colds, and flu.

If you don't have a password for our video library, you can get one by registering at the link below.

Your password can be used to unlock the library any time, to watch any video, and will not expire.

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